What About Other Meals?

Some of our guests claim they don't eat lunch after having breakfast at Mountain Thyme! We tell them to consider the first course breakfast and the second course an early lunch. But if you do get hungry...

Just Stay In and Eat Here
If you don’t want to go out at all, keep in mind that Mountain Thyme offers
snack trays, dinner trays and picnic lunches.

We have a book of menus for restaurants in the immediate vicinity as well as many in Hot Springs. So you can browse through and plan ahead.

Local Restaurants
If you plan to stay close by and relax, as many of our regulars do, there are plenty of dining options available nearby. Just 7 miles down the road is the main entrance to Hot Springs Village, the largest gated community in the U.S. There is shopping and a wide variety of dining available just outside the Village gate.

Besides a few of the standard fast food chains, there are a number of really good places to eat.

  • The Italian House and Grill is an absolutely excellent Italian restaurant.
  • Charlie's Pizza Pub, (a casual restaurant atmosphere at one end and a sports bar at the other), does great pizza and a number of really good sandwich baskets and plate meals. You can order it to go if you want to bring it back here.
  • El Alcupulco has really good Mexican food
  • The Home Plate is very popular for its “home cooking”.
  • Le Petit Bistro serves an excellent lunch and is now open for dinner on the weekends with a great menu including an excellent prime rib.

And, of course there is The Shack.

It's a perennial favorite. If you want to discover, (or remember), how good a non-chain hamburger can be, we highly recommend a trip to The Shack! They also offer a variety of other sandwiches and basket or plate meals. Many say their catfish is better than you find at most fish food restaurants!

And you can call your order in, run pick it up and bring it back to eat in our dining room or on the porch.

Hot Springs
And, of course, if you spend the day touring Hot Springs, you have a huge number of options to eat there before coming home in the evening. Be sure to check our book of menus or ask one of us before you go.

So, don’t worry!

Even though Mountain Thyme is off the beaten path, you have an abundance of options!

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