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A Weekend Getaway for Rest and Relaxation
When you are in need of a great getaway in the Hot Springs, Arkansas area, Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast Inn is designed for you. We specialize in comfort and relaxation. This is the place to rediscover the lost art of doing nothing. Here, you truly can rejuvenate your spirit!

Recipe for Relaxation
Get a good book and take it with you to one of the hammocks. Now, lie down and place it face down on your chest. Next, close your eyes, feel the cool breeze on your face, and drift off to sleep.
Hammocks at Mountain Thyme "A lacy white hammock in the woods, a front porch dotted with rockers, and nothing but air and opportunity to guide you to a renewed sense of self."
- Southern Living
April 2003

Get the binoculars and one of the bird watching books, sit back in a rocking chair and see how many birds you can identify. Or relax on the glider or porch swing and watch the hummingbirds fight over the six feeders. After dark, grab the star gazing book and take a look through the telescope at a beautiful night sky full of stars.

The wraparound porch has four ceiling fans to keep you cool in the summer and a big basket of lap blankets to enjoy when there is a chill in the air. You may need to carry one with you to the fire pit on those really chilly nights when we build a campfire.

Common Room "Best Literary Selection"
- Bed & Breakfast Journal
2003 Book of Lists Award

Whatever your preferences, you'll almost certainly find something worth reading at Mountain Thyme B&B. We've got mystery, history, science and science fiction. And there are drama, comedy, poetry and puzzle books.

So, curl up in bed, or in front of the fireplace, and enjoy a great book!

Find the child again
How long has it been since you've picked up a giant box of crayons, colored pencils, or watercolors? We have coloring books and sketchpads. Maybe you'll want to practice making origami or paper airplanes, or add a row on the community hook rug. We have checkers, chess, dominoes, playing cards and a number of board games. For the more tenacious, we have mind teaser books and puzzles. And be sure to ask about the jigsaw puzzles, if that's your brand of torture. We have a huge selection.
A stroll through the woods Take a walk
A stroll is a great way to start the day and to walk off some of that fantastic breakfast. Follow our trail through the woods and enjoy the serenity of the forest.

Do Nothing
Practice the lost art of just sitting.
You can even join the PPSU!

"There's a book on the porch of the Mountain Thyme Bed & Breakfast Inn that sums it up:  Don't Just Do Something, Sit There. Sittin' there on the porch is one of the many things to do at the inn, and one of the most pleasant. Lying in a hammock is another. So is being forced indoors at night because the frogs become too loud. Mountain Thyme is just a nice place."
- Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Nov 2001

Having fun? Getting hungry? Let's eat!

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