A Weekend of Piddling Around.

piddle   - verb
   to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way; dawdle
(often followed by around).
"He wasted the day piddling around."

Your weekend starts on your way in on Friday evening with a stop at The Shack where you grab one of their great Shackburgers. Eat there or bring it with you and eat in the Dining Room. You get checked in and change into some really comfy lounge wear.

You may want to get a nap, or just sit and stare. In the colder months, there will be a fire going in the Common Room. Or in warmer times, you might enjoy sitting in a rocker on the wrap-around porch watching the hummingbirds fight over their feeders.

You can watch a movie, start a good book, or perhaps work on a jigsaw puzzle for a little while. You may prefer to join a game of Dominoes, Hand & Foot, or Upwards.

Or not. There is no schedule, nowhere to be, nothing planned.

Your whole weekend is just this: Piddling Around.

Saturday is more of the same. If a board game piques your interest, there are always a couple of others ready to play. But again, you do not need to make plans, go anywhere, or do anything.

Of course the day will start with a big breakfast. And on the weekends, we usually have a heavier afternoon snack than usual. So, you can nibble your way through the afternoon on that. Or you could order a picnic lunch to eat on the porch or even run down to Charlie's and bring back a pizza. In the winter months, we do soup night that evening. Or, you may have ordered a dinner tray.

By the time you've finished breakfast on Sunday, you will look back on a really relaxing weekend. You will feel refreshed and ready to face the world once again.

Just be careful that you don't get addicted to it!

Then you will be qualified to join the Professional Porch Sitters Union!

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