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Biscuit came with us from Dallas. She was with us about five or six years before we opened Mountain Thyme in 1998.

Back then she actually had a pretty sweet disposition, although she always wanted to be an "only cat".

After the move, she settled into living in our bedroom. She didn't really much like the other cats and I think they knew it. They would go out of their way to torment her. It wasn't unusual to suddenly hear her running through the quarters screeming like E.T. Her attitude deteriorated accordingly.

The last straw was when Roufus came to live with us. When Rhonda made him a bed in the corner of our bedroom, Biscuit packed her bags and moved into Polly's room.

The fact that Pepper lived in Polly's room did not deter her. She did her best to chase him out, although that plan didn't succeed very well. Pepper refused to leave.

So, Polly had to put up with more than a few scuffles as Biscuit and Pepper continued to fight for a place on the bed and everything else.

Biscuit rarely came out to the Dining Room or Common Room to visit with the guests. When she did, she frequently would constantly caterwaul the whole time she was out and about. She seemed to be saying that her life was miserable and she wanted everyone to know it.

We always felt bad that she never really settled into her new life at Mountain Thyme.

She finally developed some ulcers that would never heal. We had to put her down in 2005.