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Frazier was the oldest of the cats that came with us from Dallas. He was old even then.

Frazier was always a sweet cat. He was Rhonda's constant companion in Dallas. He always slept next to her and had an interesting morning ritual.

When he decided it was time to get up, he would stand and stretch, then move to stand next to Rhonda's pillow and stare for a few minutes. If this did not wake her, he would gently place his front paw on her cheek and wait several seconds. If she still did not stir, the claws would come out just enough. That always worked.

Frazier made the move to Mountain Thyme much more easily than either Scooter or Biscuit. Nothing seemed to phase him much and he got along with everybody.

When they first arrived, they had to explore their new surroundings. They no doubt picked up the scent of another cat there before them. When Pepper returned from the Vet to meet his new housemates, Frazier was the quickest to accept him. Perhaps because he was the old man, there was less tension and competition.

Frazier quickly adapted to life at the Inn. He loved to explore the grounds and to socialize with the guests. Whether due to age, or the treats he received, he did put on quite a bit of weight. He came to be known as Fat Frazier. He developed the shape of a Bartlet Pear.

Pepper and Frazier
Frazier had a good life at Mountain Thyme, as he had in Dallas. He was good company for Rhonda during those first couple of years while I was still living in Dallas. Frazier died shortly after I finally moved to Mountain Thyme in August of 2001.

Rhonda always said that he stayed around to guard her and keep her company until I got there to take care of her.

Then it was finally ok for him to go.