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Roufus Makes a Home
I think Roufus was very appreciative of his new home. He tried to totally ignore the cats, although not being used to having any dogs around, they were VERY SUSPICIOUS of him. Scooter even ambushed him a couple of times when he tried to come into the screened porch.

So he learned to be careful around them, but was never aggressive toward them. He grew comfortable in his new home rather quickly.

Oct 2001
Oct 2001
Oct 2001 Oct 2001

And he would pretty much put up with all the new rules, too. He never needed house training, I guess he was old enough to know better.

But when Rhonda decided he needed to wear a T-shirt for a while to protect some treatment he was getting, I was very skeptical.

But, hey. Whatever.

He always was a very laid back, easy going kind of dog.

I do not remember now if it was 2 or 3 nights later, I was sitting on the couch in our den when I heard the door to the porch open behind me. I could hear the click, click, click of dog toenails on the tile floor. Without even looking away from the TV, I quickly spoke up: "Rhonda, you do NOT want to get that dog used to coming inside. He will learn to expect being able to come in." "Oh", she replied, "I am just showing him around a little."

Changes had begun, not the least of which were those in Rhonda.

So, it was either the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th night both Roufus and I had been home when I discovered Rhonda making the dog bed in the corner of our bedroom! "It will get cold on the porch this winter." I just smiled and shook my head. I saw that one coming. But I did not see the next step coming.... I really didn't. I mean this was a fairly large coon hound!

Yes, you guessed correctly. Only a night or two later as we sat in bed watching a little TV, Rhonda leans forward, pats the bed: "Come on Roufus!"

There was no longer any need to take up all that floor space with a doggy bed.

You may have noticed that many dogs and cats who sleep in your bed will instantly jump up and move out of the way if you come to bed, or roll over in the bed.

I can testify that at least one 90 lb coon hound does not do that.

If he gets to bed first, and you need him to move over a little so your feet fit on the bed, then you bodily drag him to the spot where you want him.

Yes, Roufus felt very much at home now.

Mar 2002 Mar 2002
And we had continued a time honored tradition of spoiling our pets. At least now we had a rationalization: We had to help Roufus get over the emotional trauma of being abandoned.

So, we took in a hound dog that had probably never seen the inside of a house, and had him sharing our bed.

The new Mountain Thyme Inn dog had made himself at home.

Welcome Home, Roufus!

Roufus Settles Inn