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Roufus Gets Spoiled
In the begining, we were a little concerned about how a coon hound would be accepted by the guests inside the Inn, especially in the dining room at breakfast. Roufus quickly learned that there were great rewards to hanging around the dining room at breakfast time. We thought that was just a little too informal.

Polly, (Rhonda's mom), brought home an official "dog blanket". At breakfast time, we would spread it on the floor in the pantry, off the kitchen, and call Roufus from the dining room to get on his "good dog blanket". He quickly learned that if he would lie down there and wait long enough, then rewards in the form of left-over sausages or bacon might come his way.

Soon, we needed only to go to the panty as breakfast service was about to begin and call out to Roufus to come get on his "good dog blanket", and he would be there impatiently pawing at the blanket as we would try to spread it on the floor. He couldn't wait to get on it and lie down.

March 2003 March 2003 But, of course, there are guests who spot a dog, (or cat) through an open door and call to them to join them in the dining room.

Many of our regulars would always invite Roufus to join them for breakfast.

Roufus, being the ever courteous host would always oblige.

Roufus, being a hound dog, had a relatively long body. Sitting did not seem to come easily to him. We did get him to try to sit in order to receive a tidbit from the table, but he couldn't sit upright enough to keep his hind end from sliding out from under him on the wood floor. Unfortunately, we thought that was kind of cute and pretty funny, but he didn't seem to be comfortable with it. But he would try.

When he did get to stay in the dining room, he had a unique style, as dogs go. He didn't beg in any traditional sense. He didn't push his nose into your lap, or paw at you. He just stood a respectful distance away and stared. He wouldn't move. He just stared. It was incredible. And it was irresistable.

Of course, Rhonda, the renown dog hater, had long since become the radical, extremist, converted dog lover. Added to that was her unfortunate sense of "cute". Since Roufus tried to go along with pretty much anything, Rhonda came up with a new scam for Roufus.

She would call Roufus out of the room and return shortly announcing to everyone that Roufus had had enough treats and had retired. But here was his cousin Rufina who would very much enjoy any remaining pieces of bacon.

Roufus didn't seem to mind the scarf. And he always like to get some more bacon.

Roufus had found the perfect retirement plan.

He had a nice home, a family who loved and spoiled him, and plenty of guests who did the same.

Not bad for an old hound dog.

date unknown

And it kept getting better. Although the established Inn cats were pretty tolerant if not happy with his presence, even that began to change.

Roufus Makes Friends