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Mountain Thyme Photo Album
July 2002
Pepper belonged to Rhonda's mom, Polly, before we built Mountain Thyme. When they moved in, he had a big new world to explore. A few weeks later, he went off to the Vets for a few days. When he returned, he discovered three more cats had moved in from Dallas. This would take some getting used to.

When we first met Pepper, he was a one woman cat. He would hide under a bed when we visited. It took many, many visits before he would let us get anywhere close to him. Eventually, we were allowed to pet him a little. By the time we built Mountain Thyme, he had grown to trust us enough to let us hold him for a few minutes.

Having three strange cats move into his new home was a bit of a strain. But, Pepper really adapted fairly quickly. He still tended to stay in Polly's room most of the time, but he was definitely getting more social. The Dallas cats, Frazier, Scooter, and Biscuit, were all older than Pepper and their pecking order was well established. And none were especially agressive toward Pepper. They were in a daze after traveling so long and so far to such a strange place. So the integration of the two tribes went fairly smoothly.

In time, Pepper and Scooter became allies of sorts. They would patrol the grounds together. They even joined forces to chase off visiting dogs on a couple of occassions.

When Roufus came to live, both Pepper and Scooter were very cautious. Having a big dog around all the time was a major change. But, in time, both did get used to him. Luckily, he tried his best to ignore them completely, so they finally decided that he was probably safe.

A few months after that, Izzy came to live. Now that was a different story. Although just a kitten, she was not going to be ignored by anyone!

Pepper and Scooter
Pepper and Scooter on the trail

For quite a while, Pepper and Izzy were playmates. But either Pepper grew up, or he just grew tired of Izzy's idea of playing.

She like to wash his head and ears for him. He liked that at first. But sometimes she would give him a nip on the ear and he definitely did not like that. And when he tried to get up and move away, Izzy would try to hold him down and wash him by force!

Izzy Washing Pepper
Izzy Washing Pepper
Scooter, Pepper and Izzy
Scooter, Pepper and Izzy on patrol
Pepper had evolved into the complete love bug now. When Polly retired and moved back to Dallas, she did not have the heart to move Pepper into town. He was used to having free roam outside.

Pepper certainly missed all the individual attention, petting, lap time and snacks that he used to get. So, when guests arrived, he usually took up residence in the Common Room and made friends with whoever who would pet him.

We lost Pepper in late summer. He had not appeared to be in ill health and was not especially old. So, we don't know how or why he left us when he did. But he is missed.