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While we still lived in Dallas, Rhonda and I were visiting some friends one summer evening. The windows were open and there were no screens.

Scooter, still a kitten then, jumped in through the window and into Rhonda's lap where he curled up for the evening. It was obvious we had a new cat.

Scooter is the last of the cats that came from Dallas with us. We think he is about 16 years old. When he was a kitten, he had the softest fur I had ever touched.

He also was a very weird cat. I don't know if he had a pinched nerve or was just extremely sensitive. But he definitely had some strange behavior.

July 2002
If you petted his head, chest or shoulders, you were fine. He loved it. But if your hand drifted further down his back past about the halfway point, you suddenly found four claws deeply embedded in you hand.

On other occasions, when he would be scratching his neck or chin with his rear paw, he would suddenly get agitated. He would try to bite his foot which would make him even madder. Sometimes, if you approached him during one of these moments, he would turn against you.

Jan 2002

Scooter on the prowl
I came home from work one day to find Rhonda standing in the middle of the bed waving a broom at Scooter and shouting at me to come and save her! Scooter was on the floor moving slowly toward the bed, in that stalking crouch that cats use, and his eyes were on her. He looked like a leopard stalking his prey! But I had to laugh. Scooter is certainly no leopard!

Scooter mellowed a little as he got older. By the time he moved to Mountain Thyme, we had not seen that sudden attack behavior for a while. But he still did not put up with some things.

Like dogs!

Even before we got our first dog, different neighbor dogs would occassionally come by to sniff the grounds. A painter nearly fell off our roof one day when he saw Scooter and Pepper chasing a large dog down the drive!

But more time has passed, and Old Scooter is Getting Old.