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Getting Old
Sept 2003
Scooter and Roufus Begging
Scooter finally got used to Roufus, and then Dancer and Blondie and Oscar, as each in turn moved in.

It was interesting in those early days with Roufus watching Scooter trying to adapt. He ambushed Roufus a couple of times, and attacked Blondie once to chase her off the porch and out of the yard.

But as time went by, Scooter eventually would walk through a room very carefully keeping a constant eye on Roufus. Then, he could walk through easily if Roufus was asleep. Eventually, he was ignoring Roufus almost as casually as Roufus had tried to ignore him all along.

And, Scooter, like Roufus, did have a taste for a Shackburger and French Fries. So when guests brought some back with them, Scooter and Roufus would team up at the table to help out with any leftovers.

Apr 2007

Scooter at rest
A few years ago, Rhonda made Scooter a little bed on top of the files in her file drawer. He seemed to like it there, especially in winter.

As time went by, he seemed to stay there more and more.

Scooter had a turn for the worse this year. He lost use of both his rear legs.

We put him down in August. Now, all three of the original Dallas Cats are gone.