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Mountain Thyme Photo Album
Blondie is a unique case for us in that we actually pretty well know her history.

We understand that she had originally belonged to a college professor who discovered that she was growing much too big to be living in an apartment. She was given to our neighbors who took her in because they had plenty of land for her to run on. But as they both worked, and the teenaged girls had lives of their own being teenagers, Blondie got in the habit of visiting us each day when her family went off to work and school.

She quickly learned that the Roufus and Dancer welcomed her, and more importantly, the Inn guests welcomed her. She developed a habit of always bringing a leaf or a stick with her to the porch which she would trade for a doggy treat. She could smile, was very gentle and just loved to be petted.

But she did not much like the cats! And that was a problem. She was not really aggressive towards them, but she sure looked like she wanted to be. And the cats, especially Scooter and Pepper, did not trust her.

One day when she was basking in the sun on the front porch, Scooter suddenly attacked her and chased her off the porch and out of the yard. It took a couple of weeks before she would come back to the porch. But she did. And she began to give the cats a wider berth and a little more respect.

Too Cute To Ignore