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Too Cute to Ignore
She continued to visit and go running with Roufus and Dancer. There were no more problems with the cats.

As time went by, she came more often and stayed longer. As the winter of 2006 approached, Rhonda became concerned because Blondie was now staying around pretty much all the time and sleeping on the porch. We always cover a large fern on the porch and put a light under the cover for cold nights in the winter.

Rhonda decided we could extend the cover by draping it over a table next to the fern and she could make a little bed for Blondie so that she would at least have some warmth from the light bulb.

Blondie with a Pinecone Gift
As the nights began to turn colder, Rhonda decided that a light bulb wasn't enough.
Blondie in Autum Leaves
She took her electric heating pad out and put it under Blondie's little bed of blankets. We now had the only dog in Arkansas with her own electric blanket!

Of course, even this did not last. Soon Rhonda, abetted by more than a few guests, would occassionally try to lure Blondie into the dining room to get her treat. At first she would have none of it. She would stand at the open door and wait. But gradually, she would take a few steps in to get her treat and then immediately leave.

It was only a matter of time.

Blondie Moves In