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Moves In
By now Rhonda was determined that poor sweet Blondie should not have to spend the rest of the winter sleeping on the porch. She had seduced Blondie into coming all the way into the Inn and back into our private quarters where a new bed had been made. All that was lacking was to make sure that Blondie understood that she could not eat the cats!

So, Rhonda explained all the rules. Blondie, being very polite, listened attentively. She did not have to like them, or they her, but she agreed not to eat them.

But there was one detail we missed.

We had always free fed all the dogs and cats. There were separate feed dishes

Blondie Listens
spread throughout the private quarters so that each one had his or her own bowl of dry food always available. They would stop by and eat a little and leave the rest until later.
Blondie and Dancer
Blondie and Dancer Attend
a Working Lunch at the Computer

After Blondie had been sleeping inside about a week, Rhonda and I began to compare notes. Something unusual had been happening. Every morning, one or the other of us had discovered that all the food dishes were empty!

And, coincidentally, Blondie seemed to have been putting on quite a bit of weight!

We had to move the cats' food dishes to higher ground, and change our habits about free feeding Dancer. But, otherwise, we were all settling in to the new arrangements.

Blondie has not attacked any cats, although she occassionally growls or barks once if one of the cats gets too close to her during the night. She and Dancer still get along great, although she doesn't really like to go out for a run quite as often now. She is more of a home body.

But she still loves all the attention she can get from us and from the guests.