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Dancer and Friends
Dancer and Roufus Dancer and Roufus Being a puppy, Dancer immediately yielded to Roufus as senior dog at the Inn. We really believe that Roufus' easy manner and ready acceptance of Dancer allowed Dancer to settle in relatively quickly.

Roufus would play tug of war with Dancer with an old sock, and take him along for a run in the woods. And Dancer's youth and exhumberance gave ol' Roufus some much needed exercise.

Perhaps most importantly, Roufus taught Dancer all the important aspects of being an Inn dog, not the least of which were the probable rewards of hanging around the guests in the dining room during the breakfast hour, and again on the

porch in the afternoon during the afternoon snacks hour(s). It was truly a well made match. They were great companions.

And of course, when Blondie started visiting from next door, Dancer found a playmate his own age. They would spend some time play fighting, and Blondie, the true diplomatic lady that she was, would let Dancer win.

Dancer and Blondie at the door

Blondie brings a leaf to trade for a treat
Dancer and Roufus Dancer and Blondie Playing
But the lady also had a few things to teach Dancer. He quickly discovered that whenever she brought a gift, like a leaf, a stick or even a rock, to the guests, doggy treats were handed out. He did not learn to bring gifts. But he quickly learned to be first in line at the door.