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Mountain Thyme Photo Album
Aug 2002
In the summer of 2002, we had a University of Arkansas graduate student staying with us for a few days. The state had a project to indentify everything that grows in the state and our grad spent each day walking certain grids and gather plant samples. Every evening, she would sort and pack them all for later cataloging.

One afternoon she returned with a scrawny looking kitten which she had found alone in the middle of the forest. The kitten was badly wounded in the throat. The vet said it had to be canine teeth that did the damage. "Don't worry. I'm going to take it to the animal shelter back home", explained our guest.

Polly and Rhonda got one look and said that wouldn't be necessary.

Izzy is short for Isadora, which is short for Is-A-Dorable, which is what she is, and she knows it.

You would think that a kitten which had barely survived an attack by a dog or coyote would be terribly afraid of all dogs.

You would think that a kitten would be extremely submissive to grown cats.

You must not have met Izzy.

During her first day at the Inn, she went around and introduced herself. She marched right up to Roufus, sat down, and raised a paw above her head toward his face. He stood there a moment, then walked off. She did about the same with all the cats.

She was here to stay!

Dec 2002
Izzy helps sort sewing thread

During a trip to town a few weeks later, we stopped off at the book store. Rhonda wanted to show me a picture of a Maine Coon, which is what she thought Izzy was. On the facing page were photos and a perfect description of Izzy.

We believe she is a Norwegian Forest Cat, which is very similar to the Maine Coon.

Oct 2002
Izzy taking on Scooter
Oct 2002
Izzy challenges Pepper

Besides her fearlessness, Izzy has shown a couple of other interesting qualities.

The first is her self control. Many cats, and especially kittens, will put their claws out "accidentally" when they are playing with you, especially if they get really excited. Izzy never did that. She has always had the softest touch.

The second is comfort in the trees. I seen many cats readily climb a tree, and perhaps even go out on a limb. But most seem to have trouble figuring out that they will have to back down. They will approach the trunk and act as though they want to go down head first, then grab at the last moment to swing around and back down. I've seen Izzy not only go out on limbs, but hang from them and then easily get back on the limb. She will walk to the trunk and instantly and easily grab it and back down. She seems to love the trees. She even loves to walk around on the hammock while you are in it.