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Izzy the Queen
Long live the Queen!

Izzy has grown up now. She is quite a handsome cat and definitely A-Dor-Able. She is friendly yet aloof. It surprises us no end when she will suddenly take up with someone and actually spend time in a lap!

But that is a rare thing. She usually will show up only long enough to be admired, and then will wonder off investigating the important things she needs to get into.... which could be most anything and anywhere.

You may bump into her on the trail in the woods, on the front porch, in the yard, or in your room if you forget and leave your door open just a little.

Jul 2007
Jul 2007
Izzy naps in the Dining Room
But Izzy can be depended upon to show up when we go for a walk, whether invited or not. And she is always present at the dinner hour.

Of course, one of the more important chores for any self respecting cat is the all important cat nap!

In this too, you may find Izzy almost anywhere.

After all, the Inn is her castle.

Izzy Is-A-Dorable