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Either Rhonda thinks the Inn needs 3 dogs to balance the 3 cats, or, she thinks puppies are cute.

Two black puppies showed up at Herbs Plus in late August. Some of our guests said they had seen a poster in Hot Springs with a photo of two puppies for sale which looked a lot like these two. If they are the same ones, I guess they didn't sell.

The male started following guests back over here. Although she would visit, his sister would always go back to Herbs Plus. But the male seemed to like it here. We would take him back, but he would soon show up again.


Rhonda thought he was so cute! I explained to Rhonda in no uncertain terms that we absolutely did not need another dog! After about a week, I asked her what she was going to name him.

His name is Oscar. He sleeps in our bed between us.
Oscar Rhonda named him Oscar after Oscar Madison in the Odd Couple. She says she sends him off every morning all clean and fluffy and he returns a little while later with bits of leaves and grass in his fur. And for some reason, there is almost always a layer of dirt coating his nose. He must like to burrow.

But at least he quickly passed through his cow manure stage.

For about three days in a row he came back coated in fresh cow manure, and definitely smelling like it. Each day he was quickly rewarded with a bath. Maybe that is what cured him.

Since all three of our previous dog adoptions had been passed the really young puppy stage when they joined us, Rhonda had not yet experienced one other aspect of the joys of a cute little puppy:

They like to chew.

If you are interested in decorating, Rhonda might have explained to you how the color schemes of Mountain Thyme are wholly based on that pretty rug in the entry hall. It was fairly expensive, and since the house decor was based on it, Rhonda bought two of them so that she would have a replacement when one wore out.

Well, one is now showing quite a bit of wear, especially around two of the corners and along one side. And a loose thread in another rug somehow began to unravel pulling part of the design out of that one. And we now find bits of knawed sticks and twigs, paper plates, etc., throughout the private quarters and occassionally in the common room.

But he is such a cute puppy!