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June 2010
Penny came to us June 17, 2010.

One of our guests told us that as she was approaching our drive on Scenic 7, she had seen either a small dog or a very small pig in the edge of the woods near the drive.

The next morning Rhonda was having coffee on the porch with the guests when the small piglet dog came up out of the woods. She was skin and bones, and very dehydrated. She obviously had been on her own for a couple of days and would not have had many more to come.

We took her to the vet within a couple of days for a quick health assessment and some help with the fleas and ticks. A magic pill instantly rid her of fleas, and a low dose of Frontline began work on the ticks. The vet's assistant estimated 6 to 8 weeks old.

Our guest had originally thought she might be able to adopt her on her next visit which was scheduled to be only a couple of weeks later. But that didn't work out. Although another dog was about the last thing we needed to take on, Rhonda was awfully tempted to make this puppy the lap dog she had not had. And our guest contributed some money to go toward the coming vet bills. Rhonda solicited additional financial aid for the puppy adoption fund. Several of the Mountain Thyme Family responded generously. So the puppy that looked like a small pig was named Penny.
The next trip to the vet got her an official checkup and her first shots. She was now up to 16 lbs and the vet estimated she was now about 8 to 10 weeks old, was a lab/pit bull mix and would probably grow to the 60 to 75 lb size. Rhonda's visions of having a lap dog began to fade. But a lap puppy was still doable.

As Penny was weeks younger than any of the others when they adopted us, we were in for some new experiences.

June 2010
She was not only very cute, but also completely not house trained. Her idea of potty was wherever she happened to be when the mood struck. And she has the energy and curiosity of any 2 to 3 year old child, so the house is often in an uproar when she is awake.
Penny and Oscar