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Penny and Oscar
Although the old folks, Dancer and Blondie, try to ignore the rambuctious puppy, Oscar decided to help out with the babysitting and training.

So as Penny rapidly grows week by week, we are treated to a lot of chasing, snarling and play fighting.

If it gets too serious, Blondie occassionally comes running to make sure Oscar isn't hurting the puppy. Either there is some latent maternal instinct at work, or, Blondie is just using that as an excuse to get after Oscar. She still doesn't like him.

But Penny loves the attention! Even when Oscar really isn't in the mood to play, Penny will attack.

July 2010
Penny, Oscar and the Dead Sock
July 2010
Penny Attacks
Rhonda did some research on the internet and found some photos that look very much like Penny. She thinks Penny is probably a Lab/Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier mix.

In keeping with the Lab part of the mix, Penny began displaying a whole new side. One day, after drinking her fill from the large water bowl we keep on the private porch, she stuck her paw into the water. Then her face went in. She looked like she was biting the water or trying to attack something in the bottom of the bowl. She quickly got excited and turned the whole thing over.

This was repeated a few times. So, in an effort to save the porch from the occasional minor flooding, we drug a large rubber tub out into the side yard and filled it with water.
Penny The Water Dog
Now when the mood strikes, she often follows the water biting and head dunking with a jump into the water. She dunks her head some more, thrashes around for a few seconds, then jumps out and runs at full speed around the side yard. After two or three circuits, she returns to the tub and attacks the water monsters again. She will repeat this whole circus act 3 or 4 times before she tires of it, or gets distracted by a stick that needs chewing.