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Penny Grows
It is now the end of September and there have been some changes for Penny.

She seems to have about tripled in size. She is now as tall as Oscar and is weighing about 37 pounds. And, as Penny has grown, so has the size of the sticks she selects!

Thankfully, she has mostly outgrown the stage where she insisted on chewing on something or someone every minute she was awake. For quite a while, it seemed she was constantly trying to gnaw on one of our hands, or Oscar's tail.

Sept 2010
Penny's Big Stick
Now she seems content with a token chew of one finger for a few minutes and then lets it go. But she is still ferocious with a wide variety of sticks and limbs, many of which she manages to drag into the house to work on. The porches and private quarters seem to have a constant supply of wood chips and partially chewed tree branches. And watching her trying to get them inside can be pretty entertaining.

She had her big trip to the vet a couple of weeks ago, and today, she got to roam with the pack! When Dancer, Oscar and Blondie took off this morning to do a little exploring in the neighboring fields and forests, Penny went along, too. Until now, she had always stayed behind.

Momma's little Penny is growing up!